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programming….the future trend !!

We use variety of gadgets from the start of the day to end. And we can’t deny the fact that modern gadgets have become the part and parcel of our life.

Nowadays the SMART  word is in trending . It is happening from 2011 onwards , when ANDROID came into the digital world. Really the entry of android OS is revolutionizing . THe journey of SMART word is started from MOBILE PHONES and nowadays its being used for other gadgets. (WATCHES, REFRRIGERATOR, GLASS, WASHING MACHINE etc)

what makes these ordinary gadgets smart…..?????

now I would like to use something called ‘programming‘  .

each and every functionality which makes these ordinary gadgets smart and interesting are due to this ‘programming’.

The upcoming days are unimaginable without programming .

we  will discuss it in more detailed manner in our next blog.

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